b'Annual Report 2021/22Etta Eid Jennings AwardPortadown EPBSPortadown EPBS has continued to deliver positiveoutcomes for the people we support by using strategiesand techniques included within the PBS plans which have been co-produced. As a result of the improvements in quality and the delivery of the service, two of the people we support have recently dropped from a 2:1 support ratio to a 1:1. Residents communication skills, social skills and confidence have improved significantly within the last year. The staff at Portadown EPBS are more than just a team; they are a family who pull together to deliver the best quality support.Innovation AwardKaleidoscopePortadown EPBSKaleidoscopePortadown EPBS Kaleidoscope is a new way of workingThe Portadown EPBS scheme has because of how it is created, co-continued to grow over the last year produced. All staff work alongsideby introducing new ideas and parents to make the service the best itestablishing original and creative can be. Over the past year, staff havethinking. Within the scheme, staff seen such a change in the individualshave developed data collection they support. Parents have also noticedsystems for each individual which with one saying, She has flourishedhas led to measurable positive since being at Kaleidoscope. This isoutcomes. The team have developed down to the constant input from staffa unique way of interviewing staff for and working on stimulating attendees inthe scheme to ensure that the correct a meaningful way, with input fromskill and value mix of staff are hired. parents to personalise all support. This involves group style interviews which use scenarios based on previous incidents involving staff and residents. This interview style has proved very effective and has been shared with both HR and otherEPBS schemes.62'