b'Praxis Care is committed to developing person-centred services and is therefore delighted to be able to tap into the expertise which Aodn brings to our work. We are also happy to supportAodn through his studies in orderto fulfil his ambitions.as a person with mentalProfessor Gavin Davidson,health issues broughtPraxis Care Chairabout by brain injuries. of Social Care at QueensSo co-researchers like meUniversity Belfasthave empathy and understand better than anybody how best to personalise treatmentand therapies. in the social care system and This is exactly the kind speaks plainly about his of lived experience co- objectives. We want to give researchers bring to theautonomy back to the service table and which is useduser. Praxis Care is making full now to help guide anduse of co-researchers to inform future social careachieve this and I feel lucky to policy, he says. be able to be a part of this drive and to be encouraged by Praxis Aodn is committed toCare to pursue academic changes and improvementsqualifications.49'