b'Praxis has developedAnnual Report 2021/22 a design catalogue and associated process, providing clear guidelines for all involved in bringing Co-Producing properties forwardBuilt Environments:Property And ResearchWe have embarked on a plan to co-create supported living environments specifically for every individual we support.The right built environment is a critical component of ourapproach to care, support and co-production.Dr Anne Johnston, Research OfficerA scoping review was then undertaken and a leading authority on the designto understand the physical design of of living environments for people insupported living accommodation. Its receipt of care and support, says theobjectives were to examine the current evidence is clear. evidence base, to identify physical There is little existing guidancedesign features of the accommodation material on the subject which meansand to explore the impact of the that Praxis Care had to undertake ouraccommodation design on the health work from scratch, says Dr Johnston.and wellbeing of those who lived and The team has conducted a scopingworked there.review and has developed the first setArchitect David Sutherland left private of guidelines for the co-design andpractice after 23 years in residential build of supported accommodation. design to join us at Praxis Care. His We at Praxis have been working closelybelief that architecture had a central with people we support, our team ofrole to play in good mental wellbeing architects, social care researchers anddrove a passion for changing the built Queens University Belfast for the last twoenvironment for and alongside people years to achieve this. with complex needs. One of the first sites to benefit from the new designsWe started by co-designing anis in a supported living service in evaluation form to get an accurate picturePortadown where Praxis work of each persons needs, likes and dislikesalongside a young person withand this has been central to informing thea learning disability, complexfuture design of their homes. autism and behaviours thatcan present challenges.46'