b'Annual Report 2021/22Praxis PropertyThe Praxis Property Division continues to develop and deliver asset management across all of our jurisdictions. The impact of COVID, compounded byThis year the team has deliveredthe cost of living crisis and financial11 new properties purchased atmarket pressures, have broughta cost of just over 1.3m considerable operational challengesto the team throughout the year. 34 properties leasedThey have responded proactively Active management of overand positively, continuing to support300 assets across 4 jurisdictions service growth and progression across our estate quality, performance Fixflo launch and roll outand innovation. Strategic property projectsThis year, the Division has launchedadvancement our reactive maintenanceImproved SLA and operationalmanagement system: Fixflo. This willinteraction with our Housingexpand across the full organisationAssociation colleaguesthrough 2022-23 with its own development advanced by feedbackPublished research on thefrom our operational colleagues.impacts of environments on thepeople we work alongside Our asset management work has also been informed by our annual qualityAn integrated approach acrosssurvey and insight from the externalthe organisation via strategicagencies commissioned to undertakePillar Groupsa full review of each property we workOur goals for the year ahead include in.continued build out of the team, further investment in our asset governance and systems offer and on-going support to operational service growth and asset quality investment. 42'