b'Annual Report 2021/22Meet Kalin:New VolunteerThis YearWhen I first started volunteering with Praxis Care,I found it very challenging but with time my confidencegrew thanks to the help from the staff. Everyone Ive met hasGetting to know theI have fully appreciated been kind andpeople Praxis supportsthe work that goes on welcoming. I have was the greatestinside our day service. learnt so much byopportunity. Going from The care and support I watching staff:a stranger to a colleaguehave witnessed has really interacting with thehas been very rewarding.influenced me to continue people they support,I have fully enjoyed everyon this career path.solving issues, explainingday at Praxis Care due toI believe this has made a tasks and listening. this. Its been greatlasting impression on me getting to go on outings,and Im sure it wont be helping with dishes andeasy when its time to even getting to lead amove on. I am grateful for small drama group.the opportunity to have taken part in volunteering with Praxis. It has gifted me with both confidence and maturity.52'