b'Annual Report 2021/22OurServicesNote this list is not exhaustive Accommodation and Support Home Response/Domiciliary CareThere are various accommodationPraxis Care provides several hundred models: residential care home, grouphours of home response support on a living, residential flat cluster, flat cluster,weekly basis. Home response services dispersed intensively supportedprovide a valuable link to the outside housing (DISH) and housing andworld and reduce the feelings of support models. Accommodation andisolation that can compound mental support services offer an opportunityhealth problems. Staff provide a range for individuals to live in a communityof practical support regarding home setting which best meets their needs.management and daily living tasks as well as emotional and social support through befriending, companionship and encouraging participation in educational, vocational and recreational activities. Staff can help in monitoring physical and mental wellbeing and, where necessary, can assist with personal care tasks.12'