b'Workskills/Day Activity Respite Residential CarePraxis Care believes that everyPraxis Care provides short breaks for individual has a right to meaningfulchildren and adults with autism and/or activity during the day. For some, thelearning disabilities whose families are development of self-help and other lifeno longer able to provide care wholly in skills may be limited; however, thethe family home. The organisation also organisation aspires to enable eachprovides respite for families to facilitate individual to develop and acquire skillsbreaks for carers to enable them to relevant to adulthood and a level ofcontinue in their primary caring role. self-reliance. The organisation hasThe organisation provides respite developed services that meet differingbreaks either in a residential setting or needs with a range of diversional andin an individuals own home.educational activities at day activity/workskills services. These schemes enable access to rehabilitation, training, education, therapy and healthcare and an improved quality of life by facilitating individuals to take an active part in contributing to the economy and integrating intolocal communities.13'