b'We undertook a comprehensiveDr Johnston co-authored a paper briefing process from the outset, withentitled Physical Design of Supported input from our staff team, occupationalAccommodation for People with therapists, the individuals family andMental Health Problems and social worker, says Mr Sutherland,Intellectual Disabilities: A Scoping Head of Property for Northern IrelandReview with Praxis Care senior staff at Praxis Care. This allowed us toand external professionals including develop a design which was trulyProfessor Gavin Davidson, Paul Webb, bespoke and addressed the specificNeil McCartan, Keith McAllister, Richard needs of the person who would beBroughton, David Sutherland and Dr taking up the tenancy as well asChristine Kennedy which was addressing the needs of our staff whopresented at an international work alongside them daily. This co- conference. produced process continued throughout the design and construction process with all parties attending regular site meetings. The end result was the design, specification and finished product were tailored to the person at the centre of what we do. The objective was to co-create a home and, in doing this, to help further enhance their quality of life.This is about improvinglives and implementing the Praxis Working with Care promise to shape care Dr Johnstons team, around the individual. Ultimately it we have now established the Praxisis about helping each individual Care model in which specificationsreach their full potential and to live are agreed with the person living inas independently as possible. the accommodation and their widerDr Anne Johnston,stakeholder network includingResearch Officertherapists, social workers and operational staff usinga co-produced approach.David Sutherland,Head of Property47'