b'Annual Report 2021/22Meet Lynn:Foyle Floating Support has been in operation Dementia Support for over 10 yearsWorker HeroLynn Holden is a support worker at Praxis Cares Foyle Floating Support Service in Derry/Londonderry. Her efforts to go abovecondition wasfamily during isolation and beyond for peopledeteriorating rapidly,with essential shopping with dementia wereplacing great stress onand medicationrecognised as she washimself and his wife, hisdrop offs. made a finalist in theinformal carer who wasThroughout this period, Derry Journal Bet McLeanalso a carer for theirLynn provided emotional Peoples Awards as Careradult child with learningsupport to the man and of the Year. disabilities.his wife who was For one man in particular,The mans social workerexperiencing poorLynn went beyond thewas off on long term sickmental wellbeing and requirements of her roleleave and the familyexhaustion. Lynn made to ensure that in manywere in drift. Lynn usedherself available to the aspects of his life, he andher experience to supportfamily constantly, his family were gettinghim and his wife byadvocating on their the support they needed.campaigning for anbehalf, challenging During Lynns weddingincreased care package,barriers to servicespreparationsheran effort which tookand ensuring that they wedding was postponedweeks of persistenthad a voice during a time several times during thelobbying. The packageof crisis, preventing pandemic until she finallywas finally put in placefurther hardship.tied the knot in Novemberwith mobility aids andLynns support has been 2020she dedicatedadaptations to supportdescribed by the family herself to one man withthe family. But the coupleas invaluable. At a time dementia whose physicalthen contracted COVID-19of crisis amid ongoing and Lynn supported the 24'