b'Annual Report 2021/22Outcomes Measurement2021-22 Update the Wish List, and the The Outcomesaddition of ICD-10 Codes. Measurement SystemInside Track(OMS) is an IT-basedICD-10 CodesThe Inside Track app, management tool forICD-10 Codes have beendesigned during staff. Launched in 2019, added to data within2020/21, works on smart it allows Praxis Care toOMS to provide clearerdevices and allows respond to governmentinformation for research,individuals, primarily in outcomes strategies andcontract managementSupporting People commissioners reportingand commissioning onmental health services, to requirements efficiently.independently monitor In addition, it supportsspecific peoples needs.their own mental internal recognition of thewellbeing. It provides impact our services haveservices with richer on the lives of the peopleThe ICD-10 outcomes data that can we support. This systemcategories includehelp tailor the support to delivers dashboard-stylediagnosis, healthsuit the individual. reporting to allowproblems, behavioursDevelopments were individual, service andof concern and made to the app to make organisational reports tolegal status.it more user-friendly and be created at the touch ofthe Wish List component a button.was also added.The OMS continued to be developed during 2021/22 with several minor adaptations to theOutcomesmain system to make theMeasurement Systemuser experience better and larger changes including a new module, 38'