b'This has benefits for us helping teach our pupils Community Involvement: about the importance of supporting local, and in particular, local charities. Conlig Day Services Gives Back Principal We are all very happyPeter Campbell that the children in Bangor Central will look afterour flowers. TraineeEoghan GourleyThe flowers which areThe centre,propagated by traineesfunded byin the services gardenthe South Eastern, centre were planted inBelfast, Northern and recycled pots and pansWestern Health and the children brought fromSocial Care Trusts, grew home.from an empty field Conlig Day Serviceswhich we transformed provides care andover the years into a support to 15 people whoworking therapeutic help propagate andservice with raised beds grow flowers for sale toand pathways for easethe public.of access for its ageing attendees. It also supplies flowers and compost to the Conlig Community Association during the Ards and North Down in Bloom competition.I love potting flowers and looking after them and I especially love being able to take them to shops helping to sell them. TraineeEoghan Gourley23'