b'Annual Report 2021/22ForewordMay I welcome you to the Praxis Care 2021/22 Annual Report. Our service activity hasservices in Ireland North andbenefits package to ensure rapidly returned to a moreSouth but also in Englandcompetitiveness and ensure normal level after a veryand the Isle of Man. Thisour working patterns are long COVID impact. I wouldhas been achieved by thefamily friendly. Our training like to sincerely thank allprofessionalism of ourservices are excellent but our staff and service userswonderful staff. We havewe will need to ensure these for their dedication, helpfocused our services aroundcan be delivered locally.and co-operation over thethe needs of each individual past 3 years which hasand are now catering to anMay I take this opportunity minimised the impact ofincreased number of thoseto thank the Board, all staff such a serious pandemic.with complex needs. and volunteers who make The organisationsPraxis Care a pleasure to be response to such a seriousAs we go forward, theassociated with.challenge has been simplyBoard would like to continue magnificent.to grow our services as longIt is an exciting time at Praxis as the quality of service isCare and I commend the Whilst ensuring the safetymaintained. Praxis CareAnnual Report to you.of both our service usershas been well managed and staff, we have alsowith excellent governance faced the challenge of highand has a strong financial demands for expansionbase. The challenge for of our operations. You willthe organisation is staff note from this report thatretention. We will need toKen Brundlewe have increased ourcontinuously review ourPraxis Chair4'