b'Annual Report 2021/22Praxis Care StaffAward Winners 2022Pat Cassidy AwardSean Keddy (Templemore)Sean is a creative person by nature and hasused his unique outlook on life to bring a breathof fresh air to the lives of those we support.He researched autism-friendly events,brainstormed creative at home activities and promotes positive risk taking where possible.This has resulted in a resident, who was previously unable to tolerate loud noises or crowds, attending events at W5 in Belfast, family weddings and local festivals. Sean also encouraged the resident to decorate his home and paint an image of his favourite things after 5 years of not tolerating wall art.Living the Values AwardShannon Atkinson (Plasden Court)Shannon is an exemplary team leader, whose values and attitude are evident in everyday practice. Shannon is a role model of what using initiative is. For example, Shannon this year has dedicated time training for the Manchester 10k with a resident. Shannon encouraged them to choose a charity to raise funds for, and once the 10k was completed, managed to raise 800.Last year, Shannon also set up the step challenge in Plasden, implementing positive change.60'