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Inspiring Artwork Unveiled

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Inspiring Artwork Unveiled

hands shaking with a purple circle around
And so it began – two clasped hands encircled by the Praxis logo

If you have been in the central office lately, you will have likely bumped into Volunteer Coordinator Jan Simm. Surprisingly you’d have seen her with paint brushes, and sometimes a ladder.

Jan is a 21-year employee at Praxis, but for the past 8 weeks, she has been giving the reception wall a makeover with a beautifully designed mural. The completed artwork was unveiled in all its glory last week, and is much admired.

Jan created a striking piece depicting two clasped hands encircled by the Praxis logo. Clasped hands are described as a gripping of hands by two people in greeting, parting, expressing affection, or making a commitment. Jan’s inspiring work captures the commitment of Praxis Care, its mission and values.

The mural has been described as “simple but binding”.

Painting Is Calming and Therapeutic

woman painting a picture of hands on a wall
Jan Simm, Volunteer Coordinator, work in progress.

After viewing this beautiful work, it may come as a shock to hear that Jan is not a seasoned artist. Surprisingly, she took up art as a therapeutic hobby recently – during the COVID lockdown – but quickly learned that she has talent.

Jan said, “The start of lockdown coincided with a particularly difficult time in my life and it is the only time I have ever been off work with stress and anxiety – 9 weeks. I needed something to lift my mood, so I tried it and here we are. I sent my first painting to one of my friends as a gift a month later. I don’t mind you mentioning this when you post the photos because it might encourage someone else to find something that helps them. I think it’s quite appropriate considering the work we do. For me, painting is the most calming, therapeutic thing there is and the fact that people actually want and have my work in their homes blows me away every time.”

We thank you, Jan Simm!

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