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Our History


Praxis Care was founded in 1981 by Nevin Ringland providing a befriending service to people with mental ill health experiencing isolation.

Nevin Ringland


Praxis Care continued to introduce innovations throughout the mid 1980’s; Dispersed Intensively Supported Housing Service (DISH) promoting people’s independence with support tailored to the person’s needs and aspirations.

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New Service Offering: enhanced its offering of care and support in the mental health, learning disabilities and dementia fields – developing new ways of housing and support.


Launch of Services in the Isle of Man.



Restructure: to incorporate three well established charities in Northern Ireland: Respond, Challenge and NI Agoraphobia & Anxiety.

Launch of Services in Great Britain


New Housing & Support Models for Dementia: we designed these models which were highly commended as the best in Europe.


Queen’s Award for Volunteering
Nevin Ringland won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Launch of Services in Republic of Ireland


Elderly Praxis Care service users


Expanded services:
supporting individuals with Personality Disorder, Autism, and forensic backgrounds and whose behaviours challenged traditional services models.

Newly Designed Accommodation & Support model:
providing individuals with complex needs the opportunity of supported community living.


Praxis Care open its new ‘Centre of Education and Training’ in Windsor Avenue, Belfast. Providing staff with internationally recognised and accredited training.


Praxis Care jointly appoints a Professor of Social Care in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast, to drive research that underpins our practice and service design.


Nevin Ringland retired as Chief Executive Officer in 2019.

Andy Mayhew newly appointed Praxis Care CEO

Andy Mayhew, CEO
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Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to supporting you.

Our Team