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Supporting Autism in Ireland

Praxis Care offers a wide range of dedicated support services to people with autism and their families. We understand that Autism affects every individual differently and influences how a person communicates and relates to other people. People with Autism may see, experience and understand the world around them in a different way, therefore it’s important to provide them with the appropriate care and support.

Praxis Care is committed to understanding each individual and the unique complexities which surround their diagnosis in order to provide bespoke accommodation and support personalised to their needs.

Cork Autism Services

Praxis Care is now responsible for Cork Association for Autism services, providing residential, respite, day service and home support services across six locations for 65 adults with autism.

In June 2018, the HSE became the temporary registered provider for CAA under section 64.4 of the Health Act 2007. The purpose of Section 64.4 of the Health Act 2007 is that the Health Service becomes the temporary caretaker of a service whilst identifying an appropriate provider to take over.

Read more about our Cork Autism Services here.

Services for Children

Praxis Care provides accommodation and support services for children and young people with an intellectual disability and/or autism, providing long term care or short breaks to support families who continue to care for their children at home. We recognise that every young person is unique and we work closely with families understanding their needs and translating that into the support that is right for them.

We have extensive experience working with young people who are making that, often difficult, transition to adulthood. We aim to offer assurance and optimism by designing the support package with the family and young person, Praxis Care staff are dedicated in helping each child reach their full potential developing the skills required to transition into adulthood. Young people are supported to identify and develop their interests and be active citizens in their communities.

Autism Services In your Area

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If you would like advice or guidance on how to seek support from Praxis Care please contact your local HSE or Health Trust requesting a referral for our services.

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