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Inspirational Achievements Celebrated in Mullingar

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Inspirational Achievements Celebrated in Mullingar

Praxis Care recently hosted a recognition event at the Mullingar Park Hotel. The ceremony aimed to celebrate the remarkable achievements and resilience of community members. Particularly, it showcased the incredible stories that define the spirit of our community.

Man in a tux smiling for camera. He is holding a Praxis purple frame.

The event brought together esteemed guests, community members and finalists. It shone a spotlight on the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have overcome challenges and demonstrated exceptional determination.

Joey Dowdell In The Spotlight

One such inspirational figure is Joey Dowdell, an active member of Navan Arch Club. Joey has not let his diagnosis of cerebral palsy hinder his active and independent lifestyle. Despite facing challenges, Joey participates enthusiastically in various competitions. These included swimming and bowling in the Special Olympics.

This year, Joey clinched a medal in a bowling competition, showcasing his dedication and skill. Notably, Joey also excels in martial arts. In June he participated in a karate competition, where he achieved the rank of a yellow belt.

Man and woman. The man is holding a trophy and the woman is presenting him with a certificate. There are more trophies and certificates on a table.

Beyond his sporting achievements, Joey is a valued member of the MCR Cleaning team. He has been employed in a part-time cleaning role at Navan Town Centre for several years. Joey’s contributions extend beyond cleaning, as he actively engages with people from the community. He is an essential and beloved member of the team.

Within the community, Joey is a familiar and uplifting presence, spreading joy to those around him.

The ‘Joey Smile’

Santa Miksas from MCR Cleaning expressed admiration for Joey’s dedication, stating, “Joey is a great worker, very diligent and enjoys working in the shopping centre.  It’s great when you get the ‘Joey Smile’ as he goes about his dusting and cleaning on the mall.  We look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays with Joey onsite and his interaction with his team and customers in Navan.”

Man and woman smiling and shaking hands. Man is holding a trophy.

Amanda Gray Gives Touching Speech

The awards ceremony, overseen by Praxis Care advisor Dr. Gerry Cunningham, featured a poignant speech by Director of Care and Development, Amanda Gray. She highlighted the collective strengths within the Praxis Care community.

Ms Gray said, “Your stories teach us the power of resilience and determination and how, with the right care and support, at the right time, in the right place, from people like the staff here today, there are no limits to ambition and success.”

Two women looking at each other high-five. Woman on the right is holding a certificate and trophy.

Noreen Roche Presents Awards

The event included an afternoon award ceremony. Board Member Noreen Roche had the honour of presenting awards to the deserving winners. She recognised the winners’ exceptional contributions to the community. The awards were followed by a lively DJ set by Liam Bridgeman. Liam is a professional DJ and Praxis Care activity facilitator. Attendees, including staff, finalists and guests, celebrated the accomplishments and shared moments of joy on the dance floor.

Woman is holding up a trophy, facing the cheering crowd.

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