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Praxis Care Joins New All-Ireland Research Partnership

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Praxis Care Joins New All-Ireland Research Partnership

We are delighted to be part of a new all-Ireland research partnership between Praxis Care, the Impact Research Centre within the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Maynooth University, Peer Advocacy in Mental Health and Queen’s University Belfast.

The Project’s Purpose

The research partnership was commissioned by the Office of Mental Health Engagement and Recovery, Health Services Executive. The partnership’s purpose is to complete a scoping review of peer support. Already started at the beginning of August 2023, the project is to complete by the end of October 2023.

An Inclusive Team

The research team includes colleagues from Ireland and Northern Ireland with lived experience of mental illness. As well, it’s comprised of people from a range of disciplines including social work, community mental health, clinical psychology and psychiatry. In addition, it also involves an international research advisory group, including people from recovery networks and peer support leads within the statutory sector.

Project Goals

The aims of this project are to complete a review of the literature on peer support, and to identify how peer support may be best implemented across mental health services. It’s anticipated that the results will provide an overview of the development, implementation and effectiveness of peer support. Importantly, the resulting overview will be relevant to how Praxis Care could develop the peer support aspect of its own services.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Praxis Care’s research department.

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