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NI Health and Social Care Awards & CO3 Finalists

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NI Health and Social Care Awards & CO3 Finalists

We are delighted to announce that our Praxis colleagues have received recognition for their dedication and commitment to the third sector over the past year. We encouraged our Northern Irish staff to nominate their fellow colleagues for both the NI Health and Social Care Awards and the CO3 Awards this year and here are our finalists!

Well done to everyone who was nominated for an award, you all deserve to win. This is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate after a challenging year for the health and social care sector.

The Finalists for the CO3 Awards are as follows..

Paul Webb: Social Innovation Award

Paul, our Head of Research, has been nominated for this award in recognition of his innovative research which has helped people live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives. Paul has fostered a culture which focuses on the leadership development of staff and the individuals we support. He has successfully encouraged staff and those we support to become leaders using a number of self-managed teams which come together to deliver specific research projects.

Ken Brundle: Trustee of the Year Award

Awarded to a Third Sector Trustee who has made the most outstanding contribution, demonstrating strong leadership and performance of the organisation during the year. Ken has been Chair of the Praxis Care Board since 2011 and during this time the organisation has doubled in size. Much of this is down to Ken’s ”can do” attitude combined with his ambition for the organisation on behalf of the people it serves and could potentially serve. He believes in both the current quality and boundless potential of our staff and gets that message across consistently.

Team up and Save the Day Award:

  • Paul Webb, Head of Research, Praxis Care
  • Gavin Davidson, Professor of Social Care,  Queen’s University Belfast
  • Katherine Greer, Co-Researcher, Praxis Care
  • Paula McFadden, Senior Lecturer in Social Work,  Ulster University
  • Anne McGlade, Social Care Lead, Directorate of Social Care and Children, HSCB
  • Aodán Pearse Mulholland, Co-Researcher, Praxis Care
  • Sonia Patton, researcher with lived experience of service provision
  • Fiona Templeton, researcher with lived experience of service provision
  • Jade Yap, Senior Evaluation Officer, Mental Health Foundation

This Award recognises the valuable contribution of effective teamwork within and between between organisations in the sector. The Praxis Research Department worked in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast, Health and Social Care Board, the Mental Health Foundation and Ulster University to co-design an introductory research course which was successfully piloted in May 2021. The department work closely with Queen’s University Belfast, with a panel of people with lived experience of mental ill health as researchers. The Research Department’s successful partnership and collaboration within the sector has paved the way for continuous improvement of our services.

Ciara Duffy: One to Watch Award

This individual is viewed as a leader by peers and colleagues within and outside his or her organisation and has demonstrated successes in his or her career. She progressed quickly from Team Leader up to Head of Operations for the Foyle area. She has been inspirational in motivating others to develop their own leadership skills. She works tirelessly to improve and develop services, with the wellbeing of staff and the individuals we support as the top priority. Ciara has promoted and sponsored a culture that supports experimentation and innovation.

The Finalists for the NI Health and Social Care Awards are as follows..

Louise Lyons: Social Care Support Worker of the Year

A Social Care Support Worker, who has gone beyond their responsibilities and provided a recognised outstanding service to clients/the individuals we support. Louise has been described as ”pioneering the future of learning disability day services in the Foyle area”. She is responsible for founding strong partnerships with the statutory and voluntary organizations within the community. Louise promotes inclusiveness for all, breaking down barriers and stigma relating to disabilities. Her passion also extends to all employees within Praxis as a GMB union representative as a voice of the people in a strive to promote consultative and harmonious working culture.

The Croft: Supported Living Service of the Year & Care Home of the Year

The Croft is a Supported Living accommodation service located in Newtownabbey. This Supporting People service supports individuals with dementia to live independent and fulfilling lives. The Croft has been nominated for two awards, both of which celebrate the outstanding delivery of exceptional care, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been recognised for continuing to provide high quality and person-centred care to everyone at their service throughout the uncertainty of COVID-19.

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