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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Message to Staff from CEO, Andy Mayhew

Andy Mayhew, CEO

The hopeful trends of March have continued and strengthened. It has been commonplace over the last month to have zero service users and zero staff diagnosed with COVID, which is fantastic.

This mirrors the trends in our wider communities and, with the graduated easing of restrictions, there is a real sense of optimism about home and work life becoming more normal.

It seems like the widespread roll out of the vaccine is a real “game changer” and, while COVID will continue to be a threat in our lives and variants will complicate the recovery, we now have a much more robust defence.

I want to thank all our staff, service users and their families for their efforts in getting us through to this point. You have shown tremendous determination, commitment and flexibility over this last year and you really deserve the opportunity to enjoy the increased contact with friends and family that is so important to us all and, thankfully, is starting to be possible again.

Alongside that, I urge everyone to maintain the discipline on infection control that has stood us in such good stead to date and to take the opportunity to get vaccinated when it comes your way. The uptake across the organisation has been very strong and we want to get the highest coverage possible, to provide the highest level of protection possible, for our service users, staff and families.

Thanks again for your support and co-operation and keep well.

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