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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Message to Staff from CEO, Andy Mayhew

Andy Mayhew, CEO

It’s a time of both hope and frustration for us all right now. It seems like we are on the threshold of emerging from the pandemic, but are not quite there yet.

Some really positive signs:

The roll out of the vaccine to our service users and staff, while uneven across the jurisdictions we serve, has gathered pace and really strengthens protection.

New community infection rates are falling and we are seeing the impact of that, reflected in the numbers of service users and staff affected by COVID, falling markedly, compared with early January.

At the same time, our hospitals remain under severe pressure and, with the more infectious new strains, we are seeing localised clusters emerging quickly.

I am full of admiration for how our staff have stepped up to keep services running and their focus on infection control, keeping service users and each other safe.

It is really important to realise that we still have a lethal disease in our midst. There are genuine reasons for optimism and absolutely no room for complacency.

I urge people to seize the opportunity to get the vaccine when it becomes available to you and to follow the infection control rules below, in and outside of the workplace. Let’s see this through.

Please remember:

• hand hygiene
• maintaining social distance
• wearing the required PPE at all times in all service and office settings (including going in and out of facilities) except where there has been a specific risk assessment to identify that social distance can be safely maintained by other means
• taking your temperature prior to starting the shift and more regularly in line with policy
• not attending work if displaying symptoms and alerting your line manager if you develop symptoms while in work
• making arrangements to work from home if that can be done effectively
• paying attention to your mental health, especially by keeping in contact with friends and family in a safe way

If you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me on +44 (0) 75 5212 7046.

For further government advice you can refer to the following links:

Northern Ireland

Public Health Agency (NI)



Minding your mental health during the coronavirus

Dedicated Healthcare Worker COVID helpline: 1850-450-450

Great Britain

Public Health England

Our Frontline – Mental Health and Wellbeing: An initiative uniting the leading mental health charities to provide round the clock support to those working against COVID-19. To view visit this website.

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Government

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