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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Message to Staff from CEO Andy Mayhew

Andy Mayhew, CEO

In my most recent update on 19 June 2021, I began by referencing the lowest infection rates since the beginning of the pandemic over a year ago. Unfortunately, with the emergence of the Delta Variant, we now see infections rising at a rate that is beginning to exceed the highest point of the second wave. Thankfully both hospitalisations and the most serious presentation of Covid have risen much less sharply. This is a result of wide availability and high uptake of vaccinations. 

We are now in a position where the parts of our jurisdictions are opening up at different rates and in different ways. To that end, it’s really important to stay aware of the local regulations and guidance, and to ensure that we all play our part in reducing the spread of Covid by adherence to these as well as the now familiar tasks of washing our hands and using PPE effectively. I would also want to emphasise that, until and unless the formal guidance around use of PPE in social care settings changes, we continue to follow the good practice that has served us so well to date.

I want to acknowledge the high levels of vaccine uptake in our services. I also appreciate that there is a range of reasons why some people have not chosen to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Again, I would encourage anyone in this position to seek advice on their concerns from their GP, on the balance of risk in taking this vaccine, especially now that we are seeing a rise in hospitalisation of people who remain unvaccinated. 

Finally, and most importantly, can I take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their continued dedication to our service users and particularly the flexibility shown at the pandemic peaks when we have had to change how services were delivered and in some cases redeploy staff to services under particular pressure. We hope that will not be required again, but it might and we need to be ready for that contingency.

Although the same breadth of holiday options are not available yet, I hope all our staff have the opportunity to take that very well-earned break, to recharge the batteries and come back refreshed. Again, thank you all for what you have achieved; your efforts are greatly appreciated by the Senior Leadership Team and the Praxis Care Board.

Andy Mayhew

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