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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Andy Mayhew, CEO

Praxis Care CEO Message To Staff

As we approach Christmas, it is increasingly apparent that our opportunity to enjoy a relatively normal festive period, with family and friends, hangs in the balance. There are differences in infection rates across the jurisdictions, but all are significantly higher than they were in the summer and the risk posed by COVID to our lives and well being is still, sadly, very real.

We know that vaccine uptake does not preclude infection, but it makes it less likely and makes serious illness as a result of infection less likely. In short, vaccination helps protect you and the people around you. The vast majority of our staff and service users have taken up the vaccine. I urge all who have been reluctant, for whatever reason, to think again, take individual medical advice if you have a specific concern and act on that advice.

For those who are now eligible to get the booster, the message from public health is that it not only restores the level of protection afforded by the initial vaccination but increases that protection. That is fantastic news and, along with maintaining other infection control measures, in and outside of the workplace, the vaccine and booster combination provides our best chance of avoiding a return to the most severe lockdown measures, during and after the Christmas period.

The discipline shown by our staff in adhering to the infection control measures in the workplace has been exceptional and has contributed to very low infection rates among service users. It is really important that we don’t let our guard down and I am confident that will be the case.

Andy Mayhew

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