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Jordan Taaffe: Fire Safety Expert

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Jordan Taaffe: Fire Safety Expert

An annual Fire Risk Assessment review was recently made easier for our Fire Safety team at our Clongriffin service in North Dublin.

Attendee Jordan Taaffe was immediately on hand and keen to offer his assistance.

We discovered that Jordan had a very keen interest in fire safety. Hugh Maxwell, Head of Property (Fire Safety) for Praxis Care, who carried out the assessment, was delighted to learn that Jordan had actually been assisting and mirroring the staff at Clongriffin with regular periodic checks (co-production) of fire safety related equipment (e.g., fire detection & alarm systems, emergency lighting, etc).

Jordan was so invested and captivated by all things fire safety that he had his own logbook in which he had drawn up and scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual inspections in a timetable also highlighting dates when the relevant and specific checks were required to be completed.

Hugh, thrilled to discuss all things fire safety with Jordan, commented:

“During my recent visit, he displayed an absolute enthusiasm for discussing the subject matter and also requested my advice/guidance in relation to fire safety in general. He was also very keen to learn about what my role entailed, which services I covered and more.

…since then I have been constantly ‘looking over my shoulder’. He will no doubt be coming to take over my role at the first available opportunity!”

With Jordan’s impeccable attentiveness, the staff and attendees at Clongriffin are in good hands. Hugh described Jordan “to be a totally communicative, articulate, and clearly very happy young gentleman.”

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