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Volunteers’ Week 2022: Kalin’s Experience with Praxis

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Volunteers’ Week 2022: Kalin’s Experience with Praxis

Kalin has been volunteering with Praxis Care since October 2021, read about his experience below:

When starting my volunteering work at Praxis Care I found it very challenging but with time my confidence grew with the help of the Praxis Care staff.

All of the staff I’ve met have been kind and welcoming, I have learned so much from watching staff interact with service users, solving issues, explaining tasks and listening to their problems.

Getting to know the service users was the greatest opportunity, going from being a new stranger to a colleague has been very rewarding. I have fully enjoyed every day at Praxis Care due to this. It’s been great getting to go on outings, helping with dishes (I know… dishes) but the chats have been great while we clean them, and things like getting involved and leading a small drama group have made it all worth while.

I have fully appreciated the work that goes on inside our day service, the care and support I have witnessed has really influenced me to continue on this career path and the opportunity to learn and experience this setting with the people I have met has been wonderful.

I believe this experience has had a lasting impression on me, and I’m sure it won’t be easy when it’s time to move on. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this organisation and for the confidence and maturity it has gifted me with.

– Kalin

Thanks very much to Kalin for sharing his story with us and a huge thanks to all of our volunteers who do such great work!

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