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Supporting Learning Disabilities in Northern Ireland

We believe that finding the right place to live is key to empowering adults to live the life they choose. Praxis Care provides community based accommodation, both directly and in partnership with housing providers who have particular experience in working with people whose needs may be complex and often manifest in behaviours that challenge.

We acknowledge that every person is unique and that a “one-size-fits-all’ approach is not appropriate. We also understand that living with others can be difficult for some individuals. Our accommodation models can facilitate flexibility between privacy and individual living space with the opportunity for peer relationships.

We actively work to involve both the Service User and their families in the designing of the accommodation and support mix, shaped around their needs.

Our current provision of supported accommodation services range from the flat cluster model to more dispersed, but equally intensively supported housing where Service Users either live on their own or share with a small number of individuals with similar requirements.

Services for Children 

Praxis Care provides accommodation and support services for children and young people with a learning disability and/or autism, providing long term care or short breaks to help families continue to maintain their children at home. We recognise that every young person is unique and we work with families to understand their needs and translate that into support that is right for them.

We also have extensive experience working with young people who are making that, often difficult, transition to adulthood. We aim to offer assurance and optimism by designing the support package with the family and young person. Praxis Care staff are dedicated in helping each child reach their full potential and develop the skills required to transition into adulthood. Young people are supported to identify and develop their interests and be active citizens in their communities.

Learning Disability Services In your Area

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If you would like advice or guidance on how to seek support from Praxis Care please contact your local Health Trust requesting a referral for our services.

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