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Kaleidoscope Sensory Room Fundraising Campaign

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Kaleidoscope Sensory Room Fundraising Campaign

Determined Leicestershire parents are tackling the lack of local adult social care provision by creating Kaleidoscope, a specialist service to meet the needs of their young-adult children and others with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

In 2020, the parents’ group entered into a service delivery partnership with Praxis Care. The new Kaleidoscope service will launch later this spring.

Kaleidoscope is a day care service dedicated to supporting adults from across Leicestershire aged 18+ who are at the most severe end of the PMLD spectrum. These young adults all have a severe learning disability, compounded by highly complex physical health care needs, which require additional levels of support from appropriately skilled, compassionate, caring and dedicated staff.

One of the recommended features to include at Kaleidoscope is a fully-fitted sensory room to provide the young adults with an engaging environment to stimulate and develop their senses.

Equipping this room properly to maximise its impact will require resources additional to the ones already invested in renovating the Leicester property where the service will be held. Our goal is to raise £10,000, fully accounted for, to purchase specialist-recommended equipment to promote the best outcomes and most fulfilling experiences for the individuals who will use the room.

The Leicester Mercury recently profiled the service and you can read their article at

For further service information contact or visit

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