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Sereina’s Story

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Sereina’s Story

Mental Health Services

Hear from Sereina, a tenant at Clifton Terrace, about her experience with mental illness, especially over lockdown. Sereina explains how the staff at Praxis Care supported her to get out of a dark place at the time. Read her testimonial below:

”The staff at Praxis are like family at this stage. I just know that I can go to them and trust them to help me when I’m upset. Even if I’ve got good news, I can go share that with them. It’s someone there to say, “Yeah! Well done.”

At the end of the lockdown, one staff member came in and dragged me out of my dark place and pulled me back to where I was before the lockdown. I don’t think if I was living alone I could have done that. She really did bring me back to a good place. She did a lot to me to get me out of this dark place.”

”Everyone was there for me… It was really nice”.

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