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Seamus’s Story

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Seamus’s Story

Learning Disability and Mental Health Services

For almost two decades, Seamus has been residing within our services at Praxis Care. Diagnosed with mild learning disability alongside bipolar disorder from a young age, he struggled with challenging behaviours as he grew up. Seamus tells his story about fond memories and personal experiences over the years at various Praxis schemes. As we reflect on Seamus’s progress and how far he has come, it fills the team at Praxis with great joy to have supported him on his journey. Read his testimonial below:

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”My name is Seamus “Vulnerable Adult” Flood, as I like to call myself. At the age of 3, my mummy passed away and my dad was unable to care for me. I was put into care. At the age of 4, I was given my forever family. My mum and dad provided me with a loving home and made me feel like one of their own.”

”At the age of 14, I became very challenging—heavily drinking and causing my parents upset. I have a diagnosis of bi-polar and a mild learning disability. As much as it broke my heart to go, I knew moving to Muckamore Abbey was the right thing to do for me and my family.”

”So at the age of 16, I moved from my home in Cavan. It was a scary experience moving to somewhere I didn’t know. thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met some good friends and staff that I still have contact with.”

”At 25, I was supported to move up to Portadown and started with Praxis Care’s Forest Lodge where I stayed for 6.5 years. There are memories that come flooding back: holidays to Bundoran and day trips to Belfast Zoo, Newcastle and the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. The staff looked after my money and cooked me dinner and I was unable to venture into the community on my own.”

”I was moved to Castle Lane for the next 10 years. There, I had a bit more freedom and was supported to learn new skills such as cooking, cleaning and how to look after my personal hygiene. I like to have some daily routine and so started with Lurgan Road Day Services which kept me busy Monday– Friday, 9–4. In Day Services, there are a number of activities to choose from. My personal favourite is working in the allotments in Tandragee. I have even learnt how to make Baileys cheesecake from SCRATCH!”

”In 2016, I moved to Portadown DISH and was handed my very own home to manage in the community for the first time in my life. I classify myself as fully independent receiving some support from Praxis Care staff. I come and go as I please, complete household chores and look after my budgie Joey as well as taking the occasional trip to the local pub for a few (too many).”

”The Drop In service offered by Locke House provides great opportunity to spend some time with staff and other tenants on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, every week. Only last night did we make some rocky road buns which went down a treat!”

”I am thankful for the support that I have been given over the years from the staff in Praxis Care and throughout the different services that I have lived in. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that I have met, both
tenants and staff. Here’s to the next 20 years.”

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