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Supporting Dementia in Northern Ireland

Praxis Care understands that everyone wants to be as independent as possible and enjoy the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. A key element affecting the quality of life for someone with dementia is the place in which they live. Where people need specialist accommodation we work with them and the families to ensure it is tailored to their individual needs.

Our staff understand the challenges that can surround a dementia diagnosis and know that the illness affects every individual differently. Our dementia services value each individual, recognising their personal preferences and needs, with a focus on providing person-centred care and support.

Praxis Care’s current provision includes a range of supported accommodation services for those with dementia and less intensive “floating support” which involves daily or weekly visits to people in their own homes.

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If you would like advice or guidance on how to seek support from Praxis Care please contact your local Health Trust requesting a referral for our services.

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